kingsizerobot - Homecoming Pageant & Parade


Sleep-ins side project, a sound canvas with analog synths, accordian, microcassette & other assorted gadgets…

kingsizerobot - Homecoming Pageant & Parade

This EP is completely improvisational, experimental, entrancing and intriguing. It was recorded live with overdubs in one night in Bloomington, Indiana at a house that has since been demolished. The somewhat unique instrumentation consists of accordian, harmonica, microcassette, electric, acoustic and bass guitars, analog keyboard and various other electronic gadgets. A short story with few words, but many images.

Track Listing
1 The First Thing We Did
2 Left or Right Handed (Sounds Like Breathing)
3 The Sky, Part 1
4 Crickets (The Sky, Part 2)
5 How's Yer Wife?
6 Sun's Comin' Up

Total running time: 26 minutes 24 seconds

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