PREORDER: Mozaika - Mozaika (S/T)


Electronica, angelic and impassioned vocals, an auditory feast!

PREORDER: Mozaika - Mozaika (S/T)

Mozaika likens to being physically immersed in a cauldron filled with electronica beats and textures, angelic vocals, splashes of visual imagery and Graham Murphy contemporary style dance. It's the aural and visual panorama composer Me-Lee draws on to create not only music in the vein of Bjork, Massive Attack and Portishead, but also a multifaceted experience for the human mind.

Mozaika is a project that collaborates with not only musicians but with visual artists, film makers, photographers, dancers, sound scape artists in fact anyone who is willing to cross and interchange the boundaries of multi-media and genre.

Primarily the music is a self-produced blend of Alternative, Electronica and Classical music; sometimes experimental, always original.

Line up includes a core of classical piano, synths, electronica loops and Me-Lee's vocals, and she can be accompanied by acoustic and electronic stringed intruments, electronic drummer and even projections of film, photos and paintings.

Primary collaborators include violinist and artist Rachelle Wildmare, abstract photographer Rae Stanton, and dancer / film maker Karen Crespo.

Track Listing
1 Follow In Me
2 Seeking Eternally
3 Dream Into Reality
4 Even When It Rains
5 Quest For Entanglement
6 In The Pleasure Of Sadness
7 Confused And Awake
8 So Cold
9 They
10 Sea Of Dreams

Total running time: 29 minutes

Release Date: 09-20-2011

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