Titans of Ahm! - Torpor

Titans of Ahm!

Titans Return With A Barn Burner!

Titans of Ahm! - Torpor

Titans of Ahm! take their a lo-fi indie rock up a notch while staying true to their raucous roots. Garage rock guitars, gritty vocal performances and trashy drum sounds rule the day, and a few new toys turn up in this analog-recorded album. Available as a 320kbps MP3 download.

Track Listing
1 Navigate
2 America's Song and Dance
3 Disaster
4 Shoot Yerself in the Foot
5 So Long, Anna Lee
6 Cleaner Than Ashes
7 Coffee Cup Fulla Scotch
8 Land Gobblin
9 Smile, Titans

Total running time: 29 minutes

Release Date: 03-15-2011

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